Monday, March 5, 2012

Nullugvik Hotel to host the race!

The Nullugvik Hotel has stepped up to become the official host hotel for the race.  Headquarters will be located in the meeting room at the hotel during the race, which will start on the ice of the Kotzebue Sound directly in front of the hotel.

T-Shirts are now available on the website

Go to to get your t-shirt today.  We can send it to you if your not in Kotzebue.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Kobuk440 website is up and running!

The website has been revamped a bit with a nice background and quite a bit of info on last years' race. Click on over to and take a look.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Kotzebue Finish Line!

Kotzebue Finish
 MusherDateTime InTime OutDogs InDogs OutTotal Elapsed TimeTotal Rest Time
1Pete Kaiser4/17/20119:50amN/A9N/A65:1020:02
2Ken Anderson4/17/201110:45 AMN/A8N/A66:0520:00
3Cynthia Barrand4/17/201111:34 AMN/A11N/A66:5420:00
4John Schandlemeier4/17/201112:25 PMN/A9N/A67:4520:01
5Chuck Schaeffer4/17/201112:48 PMN/A10N/A68:0820:03
6Hugh Neff4/17/20112:31 PMN/A10N/A69:5120:05
7Ruth Iten4/17/20113:09 PMN/A8N/A70:2921:56
8Brent Sass4/17/20114:43 PMN/A9N/A72:0320:01
9Robert Nelson4/17/20115:15 PMN/A9N/A72:3520:11
10Debbie Moderow4/18/20111:15 AMN/A9N/A80:3522:55
11Maret Heatta4/18/20112:20 AMN/A10N/A81:4024:45
12Jim Bourquin4/18/20113:24 AMN/A11N/A82:4429:06
13Alex Otten4/18/20115:23 AMN/A7N/A84:4325:02
14Harry Douglas4/18/20115:49 AMN/A6N/A85:0923:34
15Dempsy Woods, Sr.4/18/20116:59 AMN/A9N/A86:1928:07

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Noorvik Checkpoint

Noorvik Checkpoint
 MusherDateTime InTime OutDogs InDogs OutTotal Elapsed TimeTotal Rest Time
1Pete Kaiser4/17/20113:50 AM3:52 AM9959:1220:02
2Ken Anderson4/17/20114:17 AM4:17 AM8859:3720:00
3Chuck Schaeffer4/17/20114:50 AM4:53 AM9960:1320:03
4John Schandlemeier4/17/20115:25 AM5:26 AM9960:4620:01
5Cynthia Barrand4/17/20115:30 AM5:30 AM111160:5020:00
6Hugh Neff4/17/20117:45 AM7:50 AM101063:1020:05
7Ruth Iten4/17/20118:23 AM8:25 AM8863:4321:56
8Brent Sass4/17/20118:46 AM8:47 AM10964:0620:01
9Robert Nelson4/17/20118:46 AM8:47 AM10964:0720:11
10Richie Diehl4/17/201111:00 AMScratched    
11Debbie Moderow4/17/20113:43 PM6:08 PM9973:2822:55
12Maret Heatta4/17/20115:31 PM6:08 PM101073:2824:45
13Jim Bourquin4/17/20117:33 PM8:05 PM111175:2529:06
14Alex Otten4/17/20118:52 PM10:03 PM7777:2325:02
15Harry Douglas4/17/20119:00 PM10:03 PM7677:2323:34
16Dempsy Woods, Sr.4/17/20119:11 PM10:03 PM9977:2328:07

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Selawik Checkpoint

Selawik Checkpoint
MusherDateTime InTime OutDogs InDogs OutTotal Elapsed TimeTotal Rest Time
1Pete Kaiser4/16/20116:15 PM11:28 PM10954:4820:00
2Ken Anderson4/16/20117:33 PM11:36 PM10854:5420:00
3Cynthia Barrand4/16/20118:04 PM1:15 AM111151:2420:00
4Chuck Schaeffer4/16/20118:29 PM11:50 PM11955:1020:00
5John Schandlemeier4/16/20118:31 PM12:22 AM10955:4220:00
6Hugh Neff4/16/201110:30 PM2:42 AM101058:0220:00
7Ruth Iten4/16/201110:48 PM3:25 AM10858:4521:54
8Brent Sass4/16/201111:13 PM3:23 AM101058:4320:00
9Richie Diehl4/17/201112:18 AM5:20 AM9859:3820:31
10Robert Nelson4/17/201112:22 AM4:18 AM111159:3820:10
11Jim Bourquin4/17/20111:11 AM2:13 PM111156:3128:34
12Debbie Moderow4/17/20114:12 AM10:39 AM11959:3220:30
13Maret Heatta4/17/20116:34 AM12:03 PM111061:5424:08
14Harry Douglas4/17/20118:49 AM3:13 PM7770:3322:31
15Dempsy Woods, Sr.4/17/20119:48 AM3:31 PM10970:5127:15
16Alex Otten4/17/20118:49 AM3:40 PM8771:0023:51