Saturday, January 15, 2011

Dog sled races in Kotzebue this weekend

The Kotzebue Dog Mushing Association (KDMA) is having a two day sprint race with 3 mushers competing.  The race will be 16 miles and start on the ice in front of town between Crowley and ATC.  The time elapsed from each day day is totaled up for each musher. He with the fastest total time wins.

So if your looking for something fun to watch at 1pm both days this weekend, head on down to the ice and cheer them on.

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  1. KDMA sprint races here in Kotzebue results: Dempsy Woods Sr. first place, overall time 2 hrs 9 minutes, Harry Douglas, overall time 2 hours 10 minutes, Cindy Barrand 2 hours 15 minutes...congrats!